St Francesc Eau de Parfum 60ml


St Francesc embodies freshness! It’s fizzy, clean, and sensual. Top notes of neroli and grapefruit evoke fleeting white clouds against an indigo blue sky. Feelings of romance are conveyed by the musky rose, amplified by the spicy twist of ginger.

This perfume is named after Formentera’s capital and the heart of the island. This quaint town radiates positive energy and exudes a feeling of home. The inspiration for the scent comes from the sunlight reflecting off traditional white chalk walls adorned with pink flowers, infused with the zesty notes of citrus.

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St Francesc Eau de Parfum

Top: Grapefruit, Neroli 

Heart: Ginger, Rose, 

Base: Musk 

Size: 60ml


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