"Identifying your preferred fragrance families helps you navigate new scents with greater confidence. This ensures a richer experience and reduces the chance of selecting fragrances that ultimately go to waste.”


Our flagship store is located in beautiful San Francesc in Formentera. San Francesc is the island´s capital and the town is famous for it´s buzzing, yet tranquil atmosphere. In this beautiful town life seems to go at a slower pace.

Centrale Perfumeria Formentera Collection boasts six exclusive fragrances up to date. With soon to come an expanded series of offering the sensory experience also for the body as for the home. 


Feel Your Way and find your favorites on your skin.


Centrale Perfumeria embodies life’s sensory experiences through fragrance. At the core of Centrale Perfumeria are Formentera & Ibiza, with all they represent. It’s about returning to oneself, embracing our wild and free side, feeling a sense of effortless belonging where social layers hold no weight. In this space, opportunities blossom from connections with people and nature. The simple, natural scents of the Mediterranean inspire each curated collection, as do its landscape, people, culture, and lifestyle.”