Migjorn Eau de Parfum 60ml


Imagine the rustic, bushy landscape by the beach meeting the sophisticated allure of the city. This woody and aromatic fragrance has its roots in the wild, yet exudes modernity, thanks to dominant notes of musk and the spicy kick of pepper.

”Facing South” — this fragrance is named after the island’s more untamed beachside where spirit harmonizes with the beautiful lands- cape. Balanced and resolute, its scent captures a woody, musky, and crisp essence, offering you total tranquility.

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Migjorn Eau de Parfum

Top: Sage, Eucalyptus, Elemi

Heart: Black Pepper, Gaiac, Cedar Wood

Base: Sandal Wood, Tree Moss, Musk

Size: 60ml Eau de Parfum


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